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What is my IP?

Your IP address is the numerical address given to your internet connection. You will need this address when accessing your server until you have a domain name which will resolve to this IP address.

Hint: Bookmark this page for quick references to your IP. This is useful if your IP address is dynamic (meaning it changes sometimes).


It appears you are behind a proxy. This might be deliberate or might be being performed transparently by your ISP.
This isn't necessarily a bad thing but as you can see, you probably have two different IP's given to you below. You need the "real IP" as this is the IP address of your connection.
If you're very unlucky and have a very cheap/bad ISP you may be sharing an IP address with other people. This may mean you can't host your web server at home and allow it to be accessible to the outside world.

Your real IP address is:
Your real DNS is: ec2-54-165-59-7.compute-1.amazonaws.com
Your proxy IP address is:
Your proxy DNS is:

Note: The proxy check can only detect proxies that are openly shown by a referring header provided by the proxy web server. If you’re using any other type of proxy, the “real IP” shown will be that of the proxy instead.