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Hello and welcome to IIS Underground!

This site is intended to help anyone who wants to set up a web server using Microsoft IIS 7.5.

Admin’s note: Apologies for the pending articles. I’ll try and do them as soon as time permits. Alternatively, you can visit AbyssUnderground for similar tutorials that are missing here. Thanks for visiting.

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What is IIS Underground?

IIS Underground is a Microsoft IIS 7.5 help website providing tutorials and guides specifically for helping you with IIS 7.5 installations. The site was built from the ground up to provide detailed step by step help with IIS 7.5, including installing your favourite scripting languages such as PHP.

We already have IIS 7.5 guides on how to install IIS 7.5 itself and also installing PHP using FastCGI. These tutorials explain how to install them on both Windows Server 2008 (including R2) and Windows 7.

It’s unfortunate that until now there have been no dedicated IIS 7.5 help websites around, at least none that I could find.

How does IIS Underground change the nature of help for IIS?

Coming from a background of writing tutorials for another website I’ve learned how to put across good tutorials in the form of simple and informative writing but also the use of images. Being such a complex piece of software if you don’t know how to use it, IIS 7.5 guides and tutorials are essential to those who wish to use it properly.

I want to contribute!

Great! It’s a lot of hard work writing tutorials of any form, so if you can help us write them that makes everyone’s lives so much easier. All that I ask is that any Microsoft IIS  7.5 help tutorials must include step by step instructions from start to end. It must also include images to explain hard to understand parts of the tutorial. It must also list any issues that you may encounter when carrying out the tutorial (such as what errors you may encounter and how to resolve them).

Where do I send my IIS 7.5 tutorial?

Contact us on our Facebook page (you can find the link on the contact us page).