🌅 Relaxation at Boomtown Reno RV Park

Boomtown Reno RV Park

Welcome to the Reno KOA journey at Boomtown journey, an exceptional destination for RV enthusiasts!  Here in the heart of Nevada, a unique journey awaits you, filled with the beauty of the natural surroundings and the vibrant atmosphere of city life. No matter how long you plan to stay, Boomtown RV park Reno NV guarantees comfort, convenience and first-class service to make your holiday unforgettable. Let's dive into the unique world of Boomtown RV park Reno Nevada and discover what makes it special and appealing to all travellers.

First Impressions

From the moment you arrive at Reno KOA journey at Boomtown journey, you'll be surrounded by an atmosphere of genuine hospitality that will immediately make you feel like you've come home. The friendly staff is ready to greet you with a smile and ready to help make your stay here as pleasant and comfortable as possible. The park offers an exceptional experience for all travellers and SUV owners who are eager to immerse themselves in an adventure on wheels.

The spacious Reno KOA journey at Boomtown journey offer great conditions for your SUV or camper, and provide all the amenities you need for your comfort. Here you'll find electricity hookups, running water, and a sewer system to ensure a hassle-free and carefree stay at the park. You can rest assured that at Boomtown RV park Reno NV, your RV will be provided with everything you need so you can focus on enjoying nature and the surrounding beauty.


Boomtown Reno RV park provides a variety of pad options to meet all of your needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a standard, premium or deluxe type of pad, Boomtown RV park Reno Nevada has the perfect option to meet your expectations. Choose a space that meets your size and location requirements to create the perfect retreat for your motorhome.

Boomtown RV Park Reno NV - Get close to nature and relaxation

Reno KOA journey at Boomtown journey is proud to offer guests a unique opportunity to enjoy communing with breathtaking nature. Here, amidst the lush landscape and scenic views of the surrounding mountains, you will find yourself in an atmosphere of true harmony and relaxation. The towering mountain peaks, shrouded in mysterious mists at dawn and dusk, create a spectacular sight that takes you into a world of solitude and tranquility.

Here at Boomtown Reno RV park, you can enjoy unique natural beauty in all its forms. Travellers are eager to observe the many wild animals that inhabit the area. Magnificent hiking trails attract those who seek to immerse themselves in the outdoors and discover new corners of nature. And for those who prefer tranquillity, there is always a secluded spot by the picturesque lakes where you can simply relax and enjoy the peaceful scenery.

Amenities and Entertainment

Boomtown RV park Reno provides a wide variety of amenities and activities to make your holiday memorable. Regardless of age, there is something for everyone to do here.


  • Heated Pool: Relax and enjoy a sunny day by the heated pool. Swimming and relaxing in the water is great for relieving stress and feeling refreshed.
  • Well-equipped Fitness Centre: If you prefer an active holiday, a well-equipped fitness centre is available to keep you fit and healthy.
  • Mini Golf: Spend some fun time with your family or friends by competing in mini golf. It's a great way to have fun and enjoy an active pastime.
  • Playground: For younger guests, Boomtown RV park Reno has a playground where they can let off steam and make new friends. The park also regularly hosts exciting events such as campfire nights, outdoor film screenings and live music to make your stay memorable.


  • Bonfire evenings: Organised bonfire evenings create a warm and cosy atmosphere where guests can enjoy conversation, socialising and perhaps bake some snacks on the fire.
  • Outdoor Cinema Screenings: Imagine being able to watch your favourite films in the open air. Outdoor film screenings add a touch of romance and fun to your holiday.
  • Live Music: Enjoy local live music that will create a pleasant atmosphere and add a flavour of authenticity to your experience.

Reno KOA journey at Boomtown gives you the opportunity to enjoy an active and relaxing holiday at the same time. No matter what you prefer, there is something here to make your stay enjoyable and memorable.


Subtitle: Reno KOA Travelling to Boomtown - close to the city.

Just a short drive from Boomtown Reno RV park is Reno's vibrant downtown area with plenty of activities and entertainment. Experience the vibrant nightlife, visit one of the many casinos, or enjoy fine dining at one of the city's top-rated restaurants. Reno is also known for its cultural events and festivals that take place throughout the year.

Boomtown RV Park Reno Nevada is your home away from home.

Boomtown Reno RV park is more than just a place to stay, it's your home away from home. The friendly and helpful staff is always ready to make sure your stay is enjoyable and comfortable. Clean bathrooms and laundry facilities will allow you to enjoy the usual comfort even when you are travelling.

Comparison of site types:

Pitch typeSize (foot)Water connectionSewage connectionPower connection
Standard pitch40 x 20YesYesYes
Bitcoin cryptocurrency50 x 25YesYesYes
Wire transfer60 x 30YesYesYes

Final Conclusions

Boomtown Reno RV park is the perfect base to explore the breathtaking nature of Reno, Nevada, while enjoying the city's amenities. With spacious sites, a variety of activities and amenities, and close proximity to Reno's exciting downtown Reno, this RV park has everything you need for an unforgettable stay. Visit Reno KOA journey at Boomtown and enjoy an unrivalled holiday amidst the beauty of Nevada!